Greater Houston Section

Greater Houston Section

Established in 1917, the Section serves about 2500 members, consisting of chemists, chemical engineers and professionals in allied fields. The American Chemical Society is recognized as a world leader in fostering science education and research, and promoting public understanding of science. The Greater Houston Section of the American Chemical Society is one of 189 local ACS sections across the nation.

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Attend the upcoming ACS Career Day in Houston on March 7, 2020 for panel discussions and networking with chemists. ACS members are permitted exclusive access to additional resources, such as, 1:1 career consulting including résumé reviews, mock interviews, and more!

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Saturday, March 7, 2020

8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Holiday Inn & Suites Westway Park

4606 Westway Park Blvd.

Houston, TX 77041

Dallas Ballroom

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The Future of Food

Spring 2020 ACS Program-in-a-Box

Celebrate the 50th Earth Day by exploring chemistry's impact on our world's food supply.

Food impacts many of the most dire problems facing humanity—health, sustainability, global warming, poverty and inequality. Join Professor Joseph "Jody" Puglisi, Professor at Stanford University and Head Scientific Advisor to Beyond Meat, for a discussion of the chemistry behind new plant-based alternatives to animal meat and how these innovations could help address these global challenges.

Tuesday February 25th

5:45 - 7:00 pm

University of St. Thomas

Malloy 013

3800 Yoakum Blvd.

Houston, TX  77006

2020 ACS-GHS Scholarship Exam

Since 1973, GHS has administered a scholarship exam to 1st and 2nd year chemistry students to vie for scholarships. Over $250,000 has been awarded to more than 200 students.

As in past years, three scholarships will be awarded at each level (1st year and 2nd year). The awards will be $2500, $1500, and $1000 for first, second, and third places, respectively. Scholarship awards and plaques for honorable mention will be presented at the Awards Banquet in the Fall.

The rules and eligibility requirements can be found here. Registration is $2 per student. This fee should be given to the teacher, and the teacher will register their students using the registration form and pay all their students' fees at once via PayPal. Students who are not pre-registered will only be seated if extra tests are available.

Saturday, May 16th

Registration 9:15am

Exam 10:00am

University of Houston

Science and Engineering Classroom Building

3487 Cullen Blvd.

Houston, TX 77204

Directions and Parking

ACS-GHS Annual Administration Report

The Greater Houston Local Section prepares an annual report summarizing our activities for the previous calendar year, and highlighting our past successes and plans for the coming year. We're pleased to share this summary with our members, and hope you'll consider joining us for one or more of this year's activities!

ACS-GHS 2020 Administration Report

ACS Regional and Local Awards

The ACS-GHS held an awards luncheon on Saturday, January 18th to present ACS Regional awards to those that were unable to attend the Southwest Regional Meeting in El Paso, TX last November, and local awards to recognize some our outstanding volunteers.

  • Mike Wong of Rice University was presented with the Southwest Region ACS Award which recognizes a person who has made meritorious contributions to the advancement of chemistry, chemical engineering, chemical education, either pure or applied, to the profession in general.
  • Carolyn Burnley was presented with the E. Ann Nalley Regional Award for Volunteer Service to the American Chemical Society which recognizes the volunteer efforts of individuals who have served the American Chemical Society, contributing significantly to the goals and objectives of the Society through their regional activities for her many years of service to the local section but especially to her 10 years of dedication to Project Seed.
  • Sam Hernandez and Chelsie Lof Elijah Rising. A 501(c)3 nonprofit committed to ending sex trafficking, accepted the Partners for Progress and Prosperity (P3) Award which recognizes partnerships among industry, academia, government, small businesses and/or other organizations that result in impactful outcomes. The partnership between Elijah Rising  and the University of St. Thomas allowed for an expansion of products to be sold in their storefront, Goods That Empower, which are made by trafficking survivors and sold to benefit this worthy cause.

Local awards included the following Salutes to Excellence:

  • Amber Hinkle for her yearly facilitation of our strategic planning and active follow up to ensure we are on track. As a result of Amber's guidance, GHS active volunteers have increased, and communication improved.
  • Museum Of Fine Arts Houston and Dr. David Bomford for partnering with GHS for a Science Café which consisted of a talk on conservation of the chemistry. The Museum staff publicized and handled all of the logistics as well as providing the venue for the Science Café. The Brown Auditorium of the Museum with a capacity of 300+ was filled. This lecture contributed to the greater public awareness of chemistry.
  • Bob Botto for his continued leadership in our Kids & Chemistry efforts including organization of the National Chemistry event at the Children’s Museum and his individual demonstrations with pediatric patients at Texas Children’s Hospital.
  • Lisa Houston for her leadership and organization in the GHS Awards Committee and High School Outreach efforts. Because of her persistent efforts, several GHS members were nominated for regional/ national awards and successfully awarded the respective awards. Due to her innovative outreach efforts, prominent GHS speakers from industry/academia are able to interact with High School students and share their career experience with the younger generation of STEM enthusiasts.

The GHS 2019 Volunteer of the Year Award was given to Catherine Faler for her active involvement in the Local Section’s outreach efforts for several years. Many of these events promote Chemistry and STEM to young kids. Catherine has dedicated her time and effort in celebrating the International Year of Periodic Table (IYPT) all year long in 2019 - she has organized several events which actively engaged all ages of children, teachers and general public.

    Thank you all for your amazing leadership and dedication!

    Research Experience for Undergraduates - Summer 2020

    Nano REU is a 10-week internship for community college students to work in Rice University nanotechnology research laboratories. Participants gain hands-on research experience in nanotechnology, one of the most exciting areas of scientific research. This is a 40 hour/week program and participating students receive a $6000 stipend.

    Possible research areas that students can become involved in include:

    • Synthesis and characterization of new nanomaterials including gold nanoshells, carbon nanotubes, quantum dots, and nanosilver;
    • The application of nanomaterials in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases;
    • The application of nanomaterials for environmental cleanup and the implications of nanomaterials on the environment;
    • The use of nanomaterials to improve the efficiency of alternative energies; and
    • The development of nanotechnology-enabled water treatment technologies.

    Please apply at

    Applications close March 18, 2020

    2020 US National Chemistry Olympiad - Local Competition

    The ACS-GHS is pleased to announce that we will be participating in the 2020 US National Chemistry Olympiad (UNSCO). We encourage teachers and students to participate, as eligible students may be selected to represent the United States at the International Chemistry Olympiad to be held in Istanbul, Turkey on July 6 - 15, 2020. The local qualifying exam for students in the Greater Houston area is now open for registration.

    Friday, March 6th

    5:30 pm

    University of Houston, Main Campus

    Registration deadline: Saturday, February 15th

    Contact to register.

    View our Event Announcement

    Frequently Asked Questions

    More information on the Chemistry Olympiad is available on the ACS Webpage.

    Upcoming events

    Volunteer Spotlight - MHCTA

    Who lit your spark? Likely if you’re reading this you were inspired at some point in your life to study chemistry by some person, probably a teacher or by something you read or watched. This month we’d like to put our ACS-GHS spotlight on the Metropolitan Houston Area Chemistry Teachers Association. This group of teachers is a local affiliate of the Associated Chemistry Teachers of Texas. They meet three to four times a year to network, share and learn from each other. Teachers can earn professional development credit by attending the meetings. In the fall they met to coincide with the ACS National Chemistry Week Marvelous Metals. The Metro Houston area chemistry teachers met on the Saturday before National Chemistry Week for some food, friends, and chemistry fun. There was a periodic table game, in honor of the International Year of the Periodic Table (courtesy of Bean Burr); activities related to the chemistry of metals, in honor of the National Chemistry Week theme of Marvelous Metals; and a few gas related demos and activities (thanks to Amiee Modic) for our teachers who were new to the Metro group and new to teaching chemistry.

    Roxie Allen, brought out some metal related activities that some had never seen, and others had forgotten about, and the exploring began. There was creating an activity series or table of reduction potentials using just small bits of metals, a few drops of solution, and some filter paper in a petri dish; then we used a variety of 9V batteries assembled in series to anodize niobium and titanium wire, creating colorful pieces that could be made into jewelry.

    The information about these metal activities can be found in the Metro Houston folder on the ACT2 website. If you’d like more information about MHCTA or ACT2, please email Roxie  at

    Thank you for being dedicated volunteers to Houston area students!

    Guess the Molecule - February


    I am a dense, insoluble salt. I can be used in oil well drilling fluids, X-ray imaging, paint pigments, fireworks, and brake linings. What compound am I?

    A: Find out in our March e-newsletter!

    January's Mystery Molecule: An aromatic hydrocarbon that contains no six-membered rings, with a similar odor to naphthalene, but it is blue not white. It's azulene!

    Image result for azulene

    Volunteers Needed!

    We have several open calls for volunteers for efforts of various proportion and length - there's something for everyone. There are several upcoming outreach events that would welcome your participation. Please check out the list of volunteer opportunities available on our Volunteer page and get in touch with us.

    See where you can participate!

    If you are interested in volunteering, email or the GHS Volunteer Coordinator, Maryanne Mores at

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