Greater Houston Section


ACS-GHS Joe W. Hightower Award


Kenton Whitmire, Rice University

Award Criteria

Purpose: To provide recognition for meritorious contributions to the welfare and distinction of the Greater Houston Section, as demonstrated by outstanding and significant contributions to education, research, Sectional service and/or public outreach

Nature: The award consists of an honorarium and an ACS major award plaque and is presented at the Fall Awards Banquet. The successful candidate delivers the keynote address at the Awards Banquet.

Establishment and supportThe award was established in 1969 as the Greater Houston Section Award but was renamed the Joe W. Hightower Award in 2015, to honor the service to the Section of the late Professor Hightower.

Rules of EligibilityA nominee must be an ACS member who resides within the Section. Contributions recognized by the award must have been performed while the recipient was a resident of the Section area.

Required Nomination Components:

  • Primary nomination letter, not exceeding two pages;
  • Two seconding letters; and
  • A curriculum vitae or resume that includes a list of the nominee’s honors, professional activities, and additional evidence of service to the profession.  

Submit completed Nominations by September 15, 2020 at


Past Award Winners

2018, Michael Wong, Rice University

2017 - Vassiliy Lubchenko, University of Houston

2016 - Jeffrey Rimer, University of Houston

2015 - Walter Waddell, ExxonMobil

2014 -George Hirasaki, Rice University

2013 - George Bennett, Rice University

2012 - R. Bruce Weisman, Rice University

2011 - James F. Stevens, Chevron, Retired

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