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2017 Area Coordinator: Carolyn Burnley


Chrisan-Kay Clarke, attending Prairie View University Fall 2016 - Project SEED Scholarship Awardee



The ACS - GHS Project SEED is a program developed by the Greater Houston Section of the American Chemical Society that places talented, disadvantaged Greater Houston high school students into academic, industrial, and medical laboratories for 8 weeks during the summer to conduct research under the mentorship of accomplished scientists throughout the Greater Houston area.  Last year, Prairie View University, Baylor College of Medicine, University of Texas Medical School at Galveston, Sam Houston University, and St. Thomas University served as host research sites with participating mentors. Follow-up activities during the year include invitations to scientific conferences and symposia, SAT preparation courses, and the opportunity to present their summer research locally, regionally and at a national conference. Each student is considered a fellow and receives an educational award for their summer research work.

For a student to be eligible for the Greater Houston Project SEED program, the student must meet specific academic and family income requirements, and demonstrate the potential to work in a chemical laboratory. Students entering their junior or senior year in high school and who have completed at least one high school chemistry course are eligible to apply.   To be eligible as a fellow, the student must also be economically disadvantaged.  Preference is given to students whose maximum family income does not exceed 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines based on family size.

During the fellowship, each mentor offers career advice and encourages the fellows to pursue higher education and to consider science as a career option.

Currently, the ACS - GHS Project SEED receives support from Shell Oil Company and the American Chemical Society at the National level and at the local level from the Greater Houston Section.  For more information, regarding Greater Houston please contact Carolyn Burnley at or call (713) 824-8466.

Do you want to serve as a mentor?

Download the ACS Greater Houston Project SEED Mentor Application by January 30, 2017.

Are you a high school student that would like to serve as a fellow in a research facility?

Download the Student Fellow Guidelines

Download the ACS Greater Houston Project SEED Fellow Application Form  - Due May 15, 2017

Students, don’t forget your chemistry teacher’s recommendation form AND

Download the ACS Greater Houston Project SEED Teacher Recommendation Form

Do you want to assist an ACS Greater Houston Project SEED student?  Donate to the 2017 ACS Greater Houston Project Seed summer stipend TODAY!  Click Here!


We need your time to serve in the following roles which involves the busiest times of obligation from March through August. If you can assist us, we need your help with the following:

  • Creating an annual Project Seed’s budget and expected project needs;
  • Developing and strengthening the committee’s relationship with chemistry teachers at all school districts in order to assist with recruitment of Project Seed Fellows (PSF);
  • Coordinating applications from high school students as well as check receipt of all application materials;
  • Creating distribution list of applicants and schedule interviews with mentors and/or committee members;
  • Assisting with the selection of PSF each year and creating a database with current and former PSF;
  • Communicating with treasurer to establish pay dates and address list of current PSF;
  • Working with project sites to ensure that the mentor-fellow relationship develops and has a smooth transition. Identify and possibly assist in any site needs that may develop or exist;
  • Submit Project Seed updates for newsletters as well as assist in creation of the final Project Seed report;
  • Recruiting Project volunteers including mentors (October – January 15 each year);
  • Creating a directory of volunteers, community vendors and supporters;
  • Submitting invoices or receipts to Treasurer for reimbursement;
  • Coordinating Project Seed forum; determining venue and refreshments;
  • Coordinating the receipt of the fellows’ final report and create certificates for each fellow;
  • Coordinating or assisting in Fundraising efforts; helping to identify potential funders and grantors:
    • Advertising fundraising campaigns; 
    • Monitoring results of fund-raisers;
    • Aligning fundraising objectives and strategies with Project Seed’s annual budgetary needs and research other fundraising opportunities;
    • Researching grant opportunities that align with Project Seed’s needs and
    • Applying for grants and monitor applications.

All efforts will be coordinated with the Project Seed Area Coordinators.



2016 GHS Project SEED Mentor Institutions

Baylor University

UT Medical School at Galveston

Sam Houston University

Prairie View University

University of St. Thomas 

Corporate Sponsors



2016 GHS Project SEED Update

Ten high school fellows participated in the 2015 ACS-GHS summer Project Seed fellowship program. The program started on July 13th and ended on August 3rd.  

A Project Forum featuring the ten fellows was held on July 30, 2015 at HESS.  The following mentors were present for the forum: Dr. Monte Petitt (University of Texas Medical School@ Galveston), Dr. H. Fan (Prairie View University) and Dr. David Thompson (Sam Houston University).  ACS Board members, Mamie Moy and Maryanne Mores were present and assisted with registration. The list of Mentor and Fellows assignments is attached. 

Ngoc Pham (Westbury High School)was this year’s recipient of one of the ACS Project Seed Scholarships of $5,000. Ngoc Pham plans to attend Houston Baptist University.

2016 National Project SEED Update

The Project Seed national committee meeting was held in the Sheraton in Boston on August 15th and 16th. The National Project SEED Program gained five (5) new states with Project SEED programs this year.  However eleven (11)  states still do not have Project SEED programs, included are Wyoming, Arkansas, Kansas, Arizona, Montana, Rhode Island, and Washington, to name a few.

Project SEED's 50th year anniversary will be recognized in 2018. In light of this historic anniversary, a Task Force has been formed to create a Project SEED budget that allows for an increase in stipends and scholarships.


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