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  • 24 Oct 2020 6:06 PM | Dawn Friesen (Administrator)

    Darren Williams (left); Barbara and Ed Kanegsberg (right)

    We are thrilled to share that Darren Williams of Sam Houston State University and Barbara and Ed Kanegsberg of BFK Solutions LLC received the Partners for Progress and Prosperity (P3) Award from the Southwest Regional Awards Committee. The P3 Award recognizes partnerships among industry, academia, government, small businesses and/or other organizations that result in impactful outcomes. The partnership between Professor Williams' Cleaning Research Group and BFK Solutions LLC provides opportunities for students to investigate the science and art of critical and relevant industrial cleaning topics while maintaining contact with industrial cleaning users, and the suppliers of industrial cleaning equipment and chemicals.

    L-R: Ethan DeBrosky (student member), Barbara Kanegsberg, Darren Williams, and Ed Kanegsberg

  • 24 Oct 2020 6:01 PM | Dawn Friesen (Administrator)

    Congratulations to the Prairie View A&M University Department of Chemistry for receiving the Southwest Region Stanley C. Israel Award! This award recognizes individuals and/or institutions who have advanced diversity in the chemical sciences and significantly stimulated or fostered activities that promote inclusiveness within the region.


  • 24 Oct 2020 6:00 PM | Dawn Friesen (Administrator)

    Congratulations to GHS member Amber Hinkle for receiving the 2020 E. Ann Nalley Southwest Region Award for volunteer service to the American Chemical Society! This award recognizes the volunteer efforts of individuals who have served the American Chemical Society, contributing significantly to the goals and objectives of the Society through their regional activities.

  • 22 Oct 2020 7:13 PM | Dawn Friesen (Administrator)
    A small group of dedicated players joined the Younger Chemists Committee (YCC) for Jackbox Game Night on Wednesday, October 21st. After some light networking and technical difficulties, participants played a couple of games of Trivia Murder Party, Fibbage 3, and a round of Surviving the Internet. Thanks to all who attended, and we look forward to hosting more game nights in the future!

    I LOVE Fibbage 3 art! | Innovative art, Art, Art inspiration

  • 07 Oct 2020 7:06 PM | Dawn Friesen (Administrator)

    I have a variety of oxidation states. I am inert under biological conditions, which allows me to be useful in a variety of sources. What compound am I?

    Answer: It's iridium(IV) oxide!

    Iridium(IV) oxide 99.9% trace metals basis | Sigma-Aldrich

  • 03 Oct 2020 3:42 PM | Dawn Friesen (Administrator)

    The second video in our "Meet Your ACS-GHS Leaders" series is now available on our YouTube Channel! This series focuses on short interviews with members of the Greater Houston local section leadership to provide insight into the different career paths available to chemists in the Houston area, as well as the impact that the ACS can have on its members, both personally and professionally.

    Our October video is an interview with Kevin Ramirez, a chemist, chemical engineer, and computer scientist by training, and the 2020-2021 ACS-GHS Secretary and YCC Chair. Kevin's experiences highlight how the American Chemical Society and Younger Chemists Committee can benefit its members as chemists, while also providing opportunities to connect with professional organizations in other scientific disciplines.

    Let us know what you think about this video series - we'd love to hear your feedback at or in the video comments.
  • 02 Oct 2020 6:01 PM | Dawn Friesen (Administrator)

    Congratulations to the Greater Houston Section Award winners for 2020, and thank you for your hard work and continuing service to the ACS and our local chemistry community!

    L to R: Sunny Tang, Mamie W. Moy Service Award; Roxie Allen, Joe W. Hightower Award; Laimutis Bytautas, Two Year College Award; Adrian Villalta-Cerdas, Younger Chemist Award;  and Jennifer Notz, Excellence in High School Teaching Award

  • 20 Sep 2020 7:28 PM | ACS GHS (Administrator)

    Our virtual networking event on Sept 16th was a great success with a mix of new and familiar faces, and we had an informative discussion about career and professional development opportunities available online through ACS and other organizations. Thanks to everyone for contributing to the discussion and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

    Bonus Archive Content:

    ACS members have access to personal career consulting services, including general career advice, resume reviews, and mock interviews, as well as weekly online office hours on Thursdays from 11 am – 12 pm CT (register at the link above).

    The ACS Leadership Development System has several free e-learning courses focusing on core leadership skills, with additional instructor facilitated courses to help build leadership competencies.

    LinkedIn Learning was discussed as a training resource for those who have access, especially for business leadership and introductory programming and data science courses. ACS members should have received an email with an offer for free LinkedIn Learning access until the end of 2020 as a member benefit. The sign-up deadline is the end of September, so act soon if you want to take advantage of this offer.

    Cheeky Scientist also offers training and focused resource groups for scientists with advanced degrees looking to grow their career. The advice from one of our participants was to follow their Facebook page to see what they offer before diving in.

  • 11 Sep 2020 12:30 PM | ACS GHS (Administrator)

    Catherine Faler: Chemist and (Mask) Model

    What happens when you mix a socially isolated chemist/seamstress, a public health emergency, and an impressive fabric stash? ACS-GHS member Catherine Faler reacted by spending her non-lab time sewing fabric face masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. To promote public safety and encourage proper PPE use in the chemistry community, Catherine offered a series of chemistry-themed face masks that were sold through the ACS-GHS with the proceeds going towards future ACS-GHS chemistry activities and outreach programs. Between May and August 2020, 95 masks were sold and sent out to safety-minded purchasers in Houston and around the US! The ACS-GHS thanks Catherine for her commitment to safety and continued contributions to the Greater Houston local section.

    Some of the chemistry is a bit dodgy, but who will be close enough to read it?

    Variations on an elemental theme

    The fluffiest mask model!

  • 10 Sep 2020 3:17 PM | Dawn Friesen (Administrator)

    I first fought malaria; now I help lupus patients. What compound am I?

    Answer: It's hydroxychloroquine!


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