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  • 14 Nov 2021 11:27 PM | ACS GHS (Administrator)

    November 10th Virtual Tour Recording:

    Did you miss our tour of Argonne National Lab with Tour Guides Dave and Denise Hooper?

    Click here to access the recording!

    Public tour information –

    Request a tour –

    Education Division Contacts:

    Jessica Burgess ( Education Outreach

    Kelly Sturner ( Learning Lab Instructor

    Enjoy a Podcast:

    Have you ever wanted to meet a scientist?  What would you ask them? Want to know more? You can submit a question to  Alternately, you can visit the podcast website and click on links to listen to scientists on subjects like hydrogeology, soil, microbiology, neurobiology, and the Mars Rover.

    Explore with your kids:

    In 2019, Professor Robert Winston published a book with questions from children around the world.  Professor Winston provides answers to their question in an illustrated book, Ask A Scientist.

  • 01 Nov 2021 11:32 PM | ACS GHS (Administrator)

    Planning on carving pumpkins this Halloween? Then you know I will be there to provide that famous fall scent. What compound am I?

    Answer: cis-3-hexen-1-ol (sometimes called leaf alcohol)


  • 29 Oct 2021 10:46 PM | ACS GHS (Administrator)

    Photo: Mamie Moy, Robert Curl, Jonel Curl and Anne Hightower

    On Saturday, October 16th, at the Junior League of Houston, the ACS Greater Houston Section honored members who have received local, regional and national ACS awards including 2021 ACS Fellows, GHS recipients of the Southwest Regional Awards, and GHS members celebrating 50 and 60 years of ACS membership. The hybrid event was attended by ~70 in person and 5 virtual guests. National awardees included Amber Hinkle as the 2021 ACS Volunteer of the Year and Monte Pettitt for being named to the ACS Fellows Class of 2021.  Jennifer Notz was honored for receipt of the Southwest Regional Award for Excellence in High School Teaching. Local awards were presented to Robert Curl of Rice University – Joe W. Hightower Award; Alicia Doffing – Excellence in High School Teaching Award; Jose Nunez of San Jacinto College -Two Year College Award; Snigdha Chennamaneni – Younger Chemist Award; and Robert Botto – Mamie W. Moy Distinguished Service Award. We were also honored to have in attendance a 50 year member, Thomas Walsh, and a 60 year ACS member, Ivory Nelson. 

  • 28 Oct 2021 1:10 AM | Dawn Friesen (Administrator)

    2021 Theme – Fast or Slow... Chemistry Makes it Go!

    Congratulations to Kinley Lister, 5th grader, at St. Cecilia Catholic School in Houston, Texas. She is the Greater Houston section winner of the National Chemistry Week Illustrated Poster Contest. National Chemistry Week (NCW) is a public awareness campaign that promotes the value of chemistry in everyday life. ACS members and chemistry enthusiasts celebrate NCW by communicating the importance of chemistry. Kinley’s illustrated poem will be submitted to compete at the national NCW competition for grades 3 -5.

  • 23 Oct 2021 8:15 PM | ACS GHS (Administrator)
    Rocketry Reactions

    Catch our National Chemistry Week presentation on Rocketry Reactions from Estes Industries on YouTube. Learn more about the chemistry behind rocket launches and how a background in science can help you build a career in aerospace and beyond!

    Congratulations to Mike Hambrick, John Darley, and Michael Pontikos for winning Estes Star Hopper model rocket kits in our prize draw!

  • 18 Oct 2021 9:40 PM | ACS GHS (Administrator)

    Are you a high school student looking to put your chemistry knowledge to the test, or a chemistry teacher seeking to inspire your students? All interested teachers, students, parents and volunteers can learn more by signing up for the USNCO webinars today!

    Introduction to USNCO for Students 

    Friday, October 22nd

    7:00 pm ET

    Registration is now open!

    List of student webinars scheduled this year

    Let this short clip by Yitian Zhu, from our own Houston metropolitan area and gold medalist of the 2021 International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO), inspire your students to participate:

    For more information, contact the Greater Houston USNCO coordinator, Dr. Jerry Yang, at

  • 09 Oct 2021 8:28 PM | Dawn Friesen (Administrator)

    Did you miss our October seminar with Dr. Roger Bertholf of Houston Methodist Hospital? Now you can catch the recording on our YouTube channel, or watch below! Come for a brief history of clinical laboratory testing equipment and stay for an insightful discussion of why the search for clinical biomarkers for early detection of various cancer tumors early isn't nearly as straightforward as we once dreamed it could be.

  • 04 Oct 2021 2:40 AM | Dawn Friesen (Administrator)

    The Greater Houston Section hosted a successful hybrid (virtual and in-person) Science Café event on the Chemistry and Craft of Bread Making with author and speaker Emily Jane Buehler who provided insights on the art of making bread.

    She expounded on the process and science of making bread, from the microorganisms that perform fermentation in the dough, to the stretching of gluten during kneading, to the physics of the bubbles that form in the dough. Her talk gave an overview of this science, with a focus on places in the bread-making process where bakers can look to improve their loaves. She covered the relationship between fermentation time and flavor, what happens during kneading (and during "no-kneading"), tips to make a home oven behave like a bakery oven, and more.

    The Greater Houston Section was pleased to host the North Carolina Section in addition to our local members in the virtual audience, as well as a small group of bread enthusiasts who met in-person at the White Elm Cafe bakery in Houston to watch Emily's talk as a group. We were pleased to welcome approximately 50 total attendants between the virtual and in-person events.In-person attendees were also entered into a door prize draw for a copy of Emily's book - Congratulations to Monica Gomez, who took home the book prize!

    Emily Buehler completed graduate school in chemistry at UNC-Chapel Hilland worked six years as a bread baker before realizing she wanted to be a writer. Her first book, Bread Science, explores the science and craft of baking bread and the updated 15th anniversary edition was released in 2021. Her second book, Somewhere and Nowhere, is a memoir of a bicycle trip from New Jersey to Oregon that explores the benefits of living in the present moment. Emily currently writes romantic fiction and is a freelance copyeditor. She teaches bread-making classes and continues to travel by bicycle.

    Purchase your own copy of Bread Science at

    Learn more about Emily's other writing projects at

    Special thanks to the White Elm Cafe for hosting our in-person event!

  • 01 Oct 2021 3:25 AM | Dawn Friesen (Administrator)

    I am an inorganic salt that prefers to dimerize and am frequently used as a Lewis Acid catalyst. My hexahydrate version helps keep you cool in the heat. What compound am I?

    Answer: It's aluminum chloride!


    Image of Aluminum chloride

  • 25 Sep 2021 6:49 PM | ACS GHS (Administrator)

    The ACS-GHS Awards Committee is pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 Local Section Awards. The awards will be presented at our annual awards banquet in October.

    L to R: Robert F. Curl, Joe W. Hightower Award; Alicia Doffing, Excellence in High School Teaching Award; Bob Botto, Mamie W. Moy Service Award; Jose Nunez, Two Year College Award; and Snigdha Chennamaneni, Younger Chemist Award

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